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claire writes:
This is a very hard instrument to list, since it breaks out of most of the categories supplied (maybe this is why nobody else has tried to list it?), but I feel it has a place on the site since it's one of my favourite analogue gadgets and the ideal unit for anyone wanting a machine purely to make wibbly or rhythmic squelches!

The LIFE is a half spere, approx 5" across, made out of wood, with eight pots on the flat surface and a light in the centre. The light in the centre of the unit flashes in time with the pulses that are creating, and the colour of light changes in synch with the type of noise the unit is making. The controllers are not labelled, which the manufacturer believes will encourage users to be more inventive and creative with the controls.

If you want more technical info you are encouraged to consult the instruction manual that comes with LIFE, since it's the only place you can get the 'real' functions and technical information. I'm not the manufacturer - in fact I can't even afford my own LIFE yet - but having borrowed my flat-mate's LIFE, I realise I need one to make my analogue collection complete.

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Comments About the Sounds:
The pots work as the controls on most analogue synths, creating bubbly pulses, rhythmic stuttering or bleeps and tones in the same way that an analogue synth reacts to frequency, modulation and lfo settings.

(Thanks to claire for this info.)

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