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Sam Richards ( writes:
I love this keyboard. It doesn't compare to my KORG Trinity or M1 and it certainly ain't no Hammond B3 but I think it's really cool because as thewre are so few around it gives it a unique look.

As I said, the keys have got great feel and it's extremely easy to use MIDI-conductor function makes splitting channels across they keyboard as easy as it could possibly be.

The reason I use it is only as a controller, but the sounds are fun to play with. I would only reccommend it to you if you are sure you want it because I can understand that without all the functions of the new controllers it would get very frustrating for some people, but to me it's a God-send!

Mid you though, the prices are only guesses as I got it second hand. And I'm not sure when it was made - I just know that it was sometime in the mid-eighties!

Oh, one other useful feature is that it has a changeable voltage so that if you go from the US to Europe you don;t have to use adapters etc.

Comments About the Sounds:
I don't personally use it for the sounds. I use it because I love the feel of the keys. They aren't fully weighted, but they almost are which I think is pretty unique.

(Thanks to Sam Richards for this info.)

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