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Mo Pourkhessalian ( writes:
13 years before now , when I bought this keyboard , there was YAMAHA PSR 500 , half price , with more features like more sequencing tracks , more memory , more voices and more measures to repete for a rhythem making ( on Technics KN 400 you have 2 measures ) , but this Techncs KN 400 sounds far better than any PCM in the early 90's . I bought it for 210 $ . And gave it the beating of a lifetime . Its really solid . It fell two times and nothing happend . It's pitch-bend is really unique , It looks smaller than other keyboards' but has a little modulation buttom/slider right on the pitchbend , Its a pitch-bend with a modulation and it's good for playing blues and jazz guitars , sound and rhythem selecting on this keyboard is much much easier than all the keybords ever made , there is two matrix , one 4x8 matrix for patterns and one 3x16 matrix for voices , which made selecting very simple and quick.

Comments About the Sounds:
This Technics KN 400 is my favorite PCM , its a home keyboard but I used it on serious jobs . I made a soundtrack only with this keyboard , I have a YAMAHA Motif ES 7 in my room and two other keyboards and an army of software-synths , but many times I used this PCM , and just add some effect on its voices with the help of softwares .

(Thanks to Mo Pourkhessalian for this info.)

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