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Picture needed arrowReleased: 1986  Specifications
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ByronE writes:
A great sounding table-top/rackable analog drum brain thats seems to have been lost in the anals of analog percussion. Very similar to the build and layout of the Simmons SDS-8, but a bit cleaner and more controllable. 8 controls per voice... Sensitivity, Attack, Decay, Noise (lp cutoff), Bend, Tune, Tone/Noise, and Level. There are no preset switchs or stereo control though. 5 trigger inputs, 5 individual outputs, and a mix and headphone out. Sold my SDS 8 and bought this instead, the bass is much cleaner, but still definately analog. Not the best at hi-hats unless you like a purely noise based hat, but it's the best I've heard at replicateing 808 and 909 kicks and snares (outside of the JoMoX's). If you'd like to hear some of it's sounds, I have some loops in hq mp3 format here

Comments About the Sounds:
Rich and thick analog.

(Thanks to ByronE for this info.)

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