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John Hajeski writes:
Paul Schreiber has come up with an excellent idea with his MOTM modular synthesizer system. MOTM stands for Module of the Month, which means he releases a new module every six weeks or so. The modules are available in kit form, as well as pre-assembled. The pre-assembled modules are tested before they are shipped, and I am happy to say I have not had any trouble with mine. The overall quality of the modules is quite good. A very thick faceplate gives one the feeling that a lot of effort goes into these modules, besides the use of quality components. All of the building blocks of modular synthesizers are now available, including a super-stable VCO, ADSR, ring mod/VCA, S and H/ noise, and a sub-octave multiplier that should be heard to be believed.I have been having a blast patching these modules into each other and coming up with un-heard of sounds. These modules are also a great addition to other modular systems.The best part about the concept of MOTM is that Paul is constantly coming up with new ideas, as well as looking for user's input for new modules, too. (Just try telling Serge you want 1/4" plugs!)Two of the future modules on the drawing board include: a 15-mode filter based on the Oberheim Xpander module, and a Korg MS-20 filter. The prices are reasonable when compared to other modulars out there, and for those who know the right end of a soldering iron can really save some bucks. Highly recommended.

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(Thanks to John Hajeski for this info.)

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