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  Tee Bee - 303 alike At a Glance
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Antonin Barre writes:
A great, great gear. You may think it's a bit expensive for one sound... but WHAT a sound. Has great extra features such as 4 CV/Gate (Volt/Oct or Volt/Hz)output to control an analogue synth (such as a MS10 or a CS5), a SYNC24 output to synchronise ROLAND TR606,808 and TB303 AND an analogue Input to use the Filter with any external sound. A very good buy if you are into analogue stuff! I love it!

Comments About the Sounds:
Bassy acid sound which comes quite close to the original TB303, but even can go further with the Ring Modulator (type MS20). Has its own Acid presence and feeling.

(Thanks to Antonin Barre for this info.)

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