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  Sx-500 At a Glance
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Eric writes:
This one is exactly the same as the Siel ex-80. It has the same features as the Siel dk-70. In fact the Rom-cartridge of my Suzuki had a Siel dk-70 sticker inside. You can pick up these machines real cheap these days. Probably because the presets sound so weak and programming is a lot of work. But there is also good news! All (!!) parameters can be edited in realtime by Midi controllers. Hook up a midicontroller and the little synth comes to life. There are enough parameters to tweak. Two lfo´s, one for the filter and one for the oscilator. To bad there´s only one filter for al 8 voices. But you can slect single or multiple triggering. The envelopes are from the adbssr type (Attack, decay,break point, slope, sustain and release) The oscillator is a dco with a choice between sawtooth and pulse. The filter is a 24 db lowpass analog filter. Another surprise: It has tweakable potmeters inside wich can spice up the sounds. The filter can sound much more agressive and can go to selfoscillation. The sound of the synthesizer remains a bit plastic, but i like it a lot. The synth also has a basic sequenser (realtime, 300notes max.)but i never bothered using it. If Your lucky you can find extra ROM or Ram cartridges. So, the Tweakable potmeters and the realtime midicontrol over al parameters change this rather dull synth in quite an interesting one.

Comments About the Sounds:
Some good basssounds, analog sweepsounds, pads and organs

(Thanks to Eric for this info.)
and InternetRebel for the pic

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