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  SE-1 At a Glance
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Marc Girard writes:
Terrific synth that benefits from NOT comparing it to the minimoog. Great tone and great response to midi control (ie filter cutoff changes when subtle sound very expressive). Front panel control is very good, although the hidden parameters are difficult to get to, sometimes requiring two handed operation. Good for expressive leads and strange sounds, as its basic sound is warm and deep, while it's modulation routing is quite extensive. Surprisingly, it's not so good for percussive sounds, as the envelopes don't seem to have the oomph that even a Realistic MG-1 has. Once you feel comfortable giving that up and delegating those sounds to other synths, the SE-1 proves to be a workhorse for basic synth sounds. Definitely not a Roland in both a good and bad sense.

If you are auditioning it at a store, try to audition with effects. I've found the SE-1 benefits tremendously from EQ and compression-- the bottom end is there-- it sometimes just needs a little coaxing.

Comments About the Sounds:
The SE-1 has an unmistakable sound. It is somewhat like the Mini-moog, which it purports to emulate, in that it is very musical and very rich. It blends in well with acoustic instruments, especially when carefully processed, either by close-miking a guitar amp or eq+compressing it.

(Thanks to Marc Girard for this info.)
and George Tuma III for the pic

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