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  SQ1 Workstation At a Glance
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Ando writes:
The Ensoniq SQ1+ is an updated version of the original SQ1. It features 32 voices and more onboard samples. The Ensoniq SQ2 is identical to the SQ1+, except that it has 76 weighted keys with aftertouch. The KS32 is also very similar.

This was my first "real" synth and is an excellent beginner's workstation. The sequencer, although limited, is a breeze to use. The voice architecture is very flexible -- almost anything can modulate anything else. The samples are very clean and realistic, so it isn't suited for every style of music -- no good for techno! But as a student looking for a workstation that had "everything" at an affordable price, this was a great buy, and has given me several years of enjoyable service.

Comments About the Sounds:
Very clean and bright, in that 16-bit digital sample sort of way.

(Thanks to Ando for this info.)
and House Fever for the pic

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