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Picture needed arrowReleased: 1980?  Specifications
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NerveJam writes:
An excellent machine. Imagine a BOSS DR-55, but with programmable hats. Early models are blue, later ones are black, and come with the same sync options as a DR-55. No MIDI. This thing is way too old for that. Uses the same step-programming as a DR-55, as well, using the start & stop buttons to signify hits and no-hits, programming each sound in turn. Think binary, here. I've had several of these. People tend to hear them, and buy them, so I find another. If you can find one for less than £50, buy it. If you have one that doesn't work, sell it to me..

Comments About the Sounds:
VERY Analog. All sounds are very useable, especially for Retro / Electronica.

(Thanks to NerveJam for this info.)

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