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  MS50 At a Glance
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Bob Hughes writes:
This is an arranger keyboard with 256 excelent voices and 99 styles which are very good. They can be modified and saved to 24 user slots. It is a Gen. Midi keyboard with 3 1/2" disk drive. This is great for live performance and can be triggered from an optional midi pedal board, which makes it ideal for guitar players. It also is ideal for midi accordians. In my opininion it is better than the Korg workstations although they seem to have more punch or brightness in their sound. Although relatively unknown in the US it is very popular in the rest of the world. There are newer models out now. The MS100 has a built in hard drive.

Comments About the Sounds:
Great Saxaphones and individual violin

(Thanks to Bob Hughes for this info.)

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