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gregory zifcak writes:
i really like mine. it is a nice complement to a tama module, as it has a thicker, slightly milder tone. the filter goes lower (i don't think the tama filters even affect the tone, just the noise), giving it smoother bass. the decays are also longer. the sounds respond to the strength of the trigger signal. i trigger it with a 12 output rx5, which has accent keys. i think this affects the volume and the pitch (slightly) of the simmons. it doesn't make sounds as strange as the sds800 or the tama clap and synth, but it sounds beefier and makes a very nice electro/techno set of sounds. good for the basics if you want to add a sds800 or tama ts306 for the weirder sounds.

Comments About the Sounds:
very smooth nice bass. very limited but musical filters. long decays. i believe the five circuits (bass, snare, 3 toms) are actually identical. there are factory presets, which sort of all sound like toms. much nicer sounds are possible though. the bass goes way below audio range. i like to layer a sharp high kick from another module on top of it. good high hat sounds are possible, with a little eq, as are rim shots and weird filtered noise percussion. for the snare i like to use two channels, so i can set separate decay times for the attack tone and rattle noise. more aggressive sounding machine than the sds800.

(Thanks to gregory zifcak for this info.)
and crosa for the pic

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