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Corley Brigman writes:
It's a great little box from what I've used of it so's my first "real" sampler i've spent time with, so keep that in mind. i had an emax for about a month, it seemed kind of flat, probably due to its 12-bit resolution (although the DSS-1 i also had for a month or so is also 12-bits, and sounds much better....). the p3000 is much brighter and bigger-sounding.

best features: real resonant analog low-pass filters. 8 outputs, along with 2 mix outs. To use an individual output, just plug it in and it gets removed from the main simple!

Pros: Great sound, easy to use LARGE menu-driven remote control. Visual representation of samples. Auto-loop/auto-mapping makes sampling easy. Built-in SCSI. Support SDS sample dumps. Intuitive interface, makes sampling easy instead of a hassle.

Cons: Cranky old sampler. Although I haven't had any serious problems with mine so far (month and a half), I have heard of crashing problems with these. Make sure you have the most recent version of the OS (3.0B). You must have an OS higher than SCSI 2.0B to use scsi at all. There is a midi out, but it doesn't do anything. SDS isn't obvious to use. There's very little you can do with a sample once it is in the sampler, basically just crop and amplify (one place where the emax excels).

With all of this, I like it. Historical Note: The P3000 was made right around the time Sequential Circuits went under, and the engineers were hired away by Korg to make the wavestation, then hired away to Yamaha. Yamaha re-released the P3000 in Japan under the A7000 name; it didn't sell too well, and never made it into the US. Those same engineers developed the A3000....

Comments About the Sounds:
sampler with analog filters...use your imagination...

(Thanks to Corley Brigman for this info.)

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