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  SCC-1B Synth Module/Card At a Glance
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Benjamin R. Hauger writes:
The Roland SCC-1b, the second revision of a Sound Canvas on a card, is an all-around winner. I've found very little, if any, fault with it. It being the industry standard has made for a very pleasant card that works with almost all PC-related MIDI software, and does it well, to boot. It's EXTENSIVE patch sets (of great patches) allow it to do all styles of music well, but it is especially good for jazz, piano solo, and contemp/progrsv rock. Other small instrumental ensambles also sound good. Enough. If you've got a PC, and want to have a nice MIDI module, take a close look and talk with the owners of a Roland SCC-1b.

Comments About the Sounds:
The SCC-1b can produce a wide variety of tones and sounds, especially with the GS extensions to the GM standard. Well done, Roland!

(Thanks to Benjamin R. Hauger for this info.)

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