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  TR-606 At a Glance
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Tim Westcott writes:
What can I say, it's an x0x.. if you want ease of use, portability (it can be run on batteries), and fun electronic sounds, you can't go wrong. It doesn't have as much flexibility as it's bigger TR cousins (no decay/pitch tunings without internal modification), but then again, it doesn't cost nearly as much. With a bit of processing, this little box can reach entirely different levels of percussive communication..

(Thanks to Tim Westcott for this info.)

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DINsync to MIDI converter for TR-606
MIDI to DINsync converter for TR-606 mods for your 606, will turn your timid silver box into a screaming rhythm machine from hell!
Midi kit for your tr-606 Midi kits and dinsync converter for tr-606
MIDI Interface internal for TR-606 retro Fit Interface for Roland TR-606. Supports velocity and Accent!!!

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