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  SCC1/SC-55 Module At a Glance
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Rayman ( ) writes:
This module/sound card has been discontinued, but offers a lot for the beginner short on cash. It is designed for General MIDI, which is both an advantage and a shortcoming It has very limited polyphony (24, 28 for the mkII) but some of its sounds rival those on synths costing $2,000. Chromatic perc is very lively, the piano is very playable, but has some rough sample-split points two octaves above middle C, where it becomes very bright all of a sudden. AS far as drums go, the cymbals are crisp and punchy, but the standard snares are VERY weak as are the bass drums. The rest of the drums set is well done,though. All in alll, the Sound Canvas is a very inexpensive but very usuable little machine,tailor-made for beginners.

Comments About the Sounds:
Very impressive chromatic percussion sounds, very good ethnic sounds strong across the board, very usable piano, warm guitars, very crappy standard snares and bass drums, but good concert snares

(Thanks to Rayman for this info.)
and DAVID for the pic

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