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Nick@Sonic writes:
I used to have one of these. It's got great filters. Used to use it for the drums and bass part of my setup. It is a little complex to use and you really need the mouse and screen option to get the best from it. The mouse cost 60ukp!!! I think it's 12bit samples and you can choose to record at two sample rates. The memory is organised into two banks of 7secs ( at the higher sr) So juggling memory is a bit of a pain. Not the best machine if you need to sample phrases or long samples. It worked best for me as a drum module where I could just keep all my current drum sounds and some bass stuff too. So I'd just switch it on and they'd all be there.It's got plenty of outputs (8) all phono/rca plugs. It can be a little noisy though if you've got a screen for it turning it off can reduce the hum. I think there's a pretty big roland library available though I'm not too sure how to get hold of it. If you can get one make sure it's got all the system discs as the OS is loaded from these. You have to load indiviual functions from these :- Sampling, Filtering(destructive), xfade looping and the like. On the whole it's a pretty good sampler more powerfull, but not as simple to use as the Akia S900. And it's only 1unit rack space

Comments About the Sounds:
Well it's a sampler, garbage in garbage out - the filters are nice

(Thanks to Nick@Sonic for this info.)

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