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  G-800 Arranger At a Glance
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Anonymous ( ) writes:
it's a really good synth for making arrangments, but the sequencer is useless (so I use MC500mkII), and as I said above the sounds are too dark although you can control Low Pass Filter, you cannot correct the sounds 100%

chris Verhaeghe :the velocity is very poor to regulate, not enough internal memory to load the userstyles, very slow when using the optional hard disk. Very difficult to find software or musicstyles and to use gm-standard midifiles

Jan Goyvaerts : The G-800 Arranger Workstation is great! 128 music styles are including, each with 12 possible variants (basic/advanced, original/variation, maj/min/7th). All possible music styles you can think of are included. Their quality is great. You can program your own music styles using the built-in sequencer. The 200*64 pixel display seems nice but is actually still a bit small. We all know the great quality of the tones of the Sound Canvas series. Well, the G-800 tones are even better! (The SC-88 Super Sound Canvas uses them too) And if the more than 600 new tones don't satisfy you, you can still use the old SC-55 and MT-32 tones. Actually, what am I doing here writing about a keyboard? The G-800 is meant to be *heard*, not read about. Go to your Roland reseller and let your ears convince you!!!

Comments About the Sounds:
all sounds are a little bit too dark, I prefer brighter sound

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