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  D-110 Synthesizer Module At a Glance
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Anonymous ( writes:
Overall, pretty good. Solid, if a bit noisy. Don't try to simulate acoustic instuments on this module. But it is pretty good at analog mimicry.

Sonic Says - I have one and wouldn't be without it. I'm not sure if this is still the case - what with the continuing evolution of technology- but this if you only have a few quid to spare then this' may well be the best little all-round module for you. I say this as I've had and used this machine since they came out. You can get a surprising amount of good noises from this box as long as you're prepared to spend a little time getting to know the editing system. I've had some pretty convincing analog sounds going on this one. For you trainspotters out there the bass sound on Suzeanne Vega's "Tom's Diner" was the trusty D110. Also pretty good for lush synthy hi strings - "Lilly Was Here" US single version.I'll never sell mine.......

Comments About the Sounds:

and RuffinWaller c/o ruffprod@erol for the pic

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