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  XV-3080 At a Glance
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Lenti Lenko ( writes:
This is a worthy improvement to the JV1080/2080 modules. These were and still are great but the improved quality of the waveforms and fx in the XV3080 really shows! The drums are much better as are the acoustic pianos, strings, guitars and just about everything else.

Whilst I like the idea of backward compatibility with the older units, I think Roland could have done better than simply fill up 4 of the preset patch banks with sounds that have already been with us for over half a decade and we can't overwrite them!! This is just my opinion obviously.

Rolands synthesis is very powerful with different structures dictating how the oscillators and filters operate. Also true Stereo waveforms really make some of the acoustic sounds bigger. The effects definetly sound better than the older JV's especially the new reverb algorhythms.

The extra polyphony is a real bonus as is the ability to play drum kits on any channel and not just channel 10 as in the older JV units (THANKYOU ROLAND!!).

I'm dissapointed that there is only 2 expansion slots for the newer SRX cards (there should be 4 like in the larger 5080). Also the 5080's larger display would be a bonus (but this would up the price also!!).

All in all, I'm glad that I saved the extra and bought this unit rather than the JV2080. The improved sound, extra polyphony and other features are really worth it (the older JV's are still very good though- lets not forget this!!).

I recommend this synthe very highly!

Comments About the Sounds:
Sonically, this is a very versatile synthesizer! It is in many ways a big step up from the older JV/XP units.

(Thanks to Lenti Lenko for this info.)

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