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  XP-30 At a Glance
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John Italia writes:
I can't believe how many sounds they're giving you with this synth! In fact, I'm actually pretty pissed off at Roland because I have a JV-90, a JV-2080 plus the orchestral and session boards which together cost me about $3,200 and this board which is less than $1,000 has more sounds! This is by far the most equipped and loaded out of the box synth EVER. And it had room for 2 more SRJV80 expansion boards too. The only thing that could have improved this synths would have been the inclusion of the 2 extra EFX processors that the 2080 has. At this point, why would you ever buy a 1080 when you can get the same sound engine, an extra bank of sounds, 3 expansion boards and a keyboard for only about $100 more with the XP-30. It's light years ahead of the XP-10.

Comments About the Sounds:
All the sounds of the JV2080 (including Bank E) PLUS the Orchestral, Session and Techno Expansion Boards

(Thanks to John Italia for this info.)
and for the pic

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Hear the XP-30 in a variety of Electronic Music compositions. The XP-30 was the primary instrument used on Monolithic's "Power Undiminished" CD which won the "Best Album 2001" at the American Synthpop Awards in Hollywood California.
Listen to MiC Several trance/ambiant .mp3's for download by Canadian artist MiC. XP30 is the primary instrument used.
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ATom2 The XP-30 is my little tool box of goodies for my recordings. A fun little machine!
8 pin MIDI serial cable
XP-30 Group on Yahoo Discussion group created for the Roland XP-30 64 voice synthesizer

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