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  V-Synth At a Glance
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Phillip Klampe ( writes:
The V-Synth has great features and sound. All of its 50 MB of waves can be overwritten if you want and 10 MB will stay in flash RAM even when powering off. It has a tremendous amount of real time control starting with the time trip pad and d-beams and including over 20 knobs and an extensive modulation matrix. User arpeggios can be created and saved with individual patches. Editing and storing patches is very easy as is sampling. The use of variphrase to manipulate samples really adds to the sound warping potential, allowing sounds to be stopped and played back forward or backward with your finger controlling the speed. The analog modelling sounds are very good and can be mixed with waves. The ability to import and export samples with the computer via USB is also a plus. It's possible to have several loops play in sync and then drastically change the pitch, time, and or formant in real time with whatever you want. All of the features add up to what seems to be the best synth to come out in quite a while.

Comments About the Sounds:
Lots of strange sounds and textures. Even the normal acoustic emulations are good, but warp into strange things easily.

(Thanks to Phillip Klampe for this info.)

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V synth soundbanks and waveforms custom made for the v-synth.Turn your v synth into a ppg for the 12st century.Also amazing ethnic and electronica aswell as atmospheric waveforms for the v-synth.

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