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  VK-1000 At a Glance
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Andre IJdo ( writes:
This thing sounds great. It is both a great organ as well as master keyboard. You can split the keyboard for controlling two internal patches, and you can also split the keyboard ( on a different splitpoint ) for sending data on two midi channels. All this data can be stored in a patch, including program changes to be sent when the patch is selected. I used mine onstage and it relieved me from desperately trying to locate the patches for the next song on the other keyboards I used. When packed in a flightcase, it can be carried by one person, and when mounted on two stands, it has space on top for placing another synthesizer. I think it is both a great instrument and a very useful masterkeyboard.

Comments About the Sounds:
A digital drawbar-keyboard with excellent organ-sounds and also some nice Rhodes-sounds

(Thanks to Andre IJdo for this info.)
and Magnus Axelsson for the pic

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