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  TR-707 At a Glance
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Toni Aittoniemi ( writes:
Well, it's an x0x nevertheless, with the nice 909/808/606 style programming interface. Individual outs are a definitive bonus, so is BOTH DIN24 sync AND MIDI possibility. The construction feels a bit wobbly and "plastic-like", but it'll hold, i guess. The lush Base drum and snare can be easily corrected thanks to individual outs by applying some nice effects (guitar delay/distortion pedal rules in this) to the sounds. Overall, easy to use, cheap, well worth the money if you can get it at about 100USD or lower.

Comments About the Sounds:
Although the bass drums and the snares are a bit too soft, the claps, hihats, rim and other sounds are bright and nice. Especially the clap is a nice roland-'peppy'-clap. Clash, ride, hihats and toms are the same as in the 909

(Thanks to Toni Aittoniemi for this info.)

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