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  Sound Canvas SC-8850 At a Glance
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Joey Kincer ( writes:
After seeing this product featured in the Summer 1999 edition of the Edirol catalog, I just had to get my hands on one of these, and for Christmas my opportunity became reality. Now, almost a month later, I've only been able to explore about 30% of what this machine can really do. So far I've been really impressed. Besides the new USB and General MIDI - Level 2 features, many new bank variations have been added, totaling over 1600 total sounds and 37 new drum kits to experiment with. Thanks to the new 128-note polyphony, it's wonderful to hear all the intended sounds when I play my MIDI sequences, since I'm used to hearing cut-off notes when played through the older SC models. The new value dial is an effective way to physically change values quickly and easily. The entire backlit display is now pixelated, so it gives a great layout, making it easier to view all the options that you have.

Because of the fact that I came off the SC-155, I did notice a few disadvantages. Unfortunately, (as of yet) there's no model that sports a table-top view of the displays and controls. Another thing I didn't like is that everything is reverted back to factory settings when the machine loses power or is turned off. (Older models remember the last settings that were present before loss of power). It's also a tad more tedious to access the effects or each Part (Reverb, Chorus, Volume, Pan, etc.) but I guess that's what MIDI controllers are for. :)

On a scale of 1-10, I give it a 9. Even though I only use this module for entertainment purposes, I believe any professional or studio could benefit greatly benefit from this machine. It's one of Roland's best Sound Canvas products yet.

Comments About the Sounds:
Most of the sounds have been vastly improved fromthe older models. Some stayed the same, and thereare a select few which I thought went backwards interms of accuracy. (i.e. Strings #49). However, the nice feature is that all the maps from theearlier Sound Canvas models are on the SC-8850, sofor example, if you happen not to like the newAcoustic Bass (like me), you can use the old soundsfrom the SC-55, 88 or 88Pro. MIDI controller #32will allow this in MIDI files with patch changes. :)

(Thanks to Joey Kincer for this info.)
and mickael lefebvre for the pic

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