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Tony Mummert writes:

Comments About the Sounds:
I was very disappointed within a few hours after buying this module. Some of the guitar sounds are really good, but the piano and strings all pretty much suck. it's a nice toy if you are wowed by the 1,117 differdnt tones, but overall, if you're looking for pro quality sounds, pass this one by. I took mine back and Bought a JV-2080, and the difference is Phemonenal!!! Even my JV-880 surpasses the sound quality of 95% of the tones. One of the most annoying shortcomings of this module is that when switching patches, there is sometimes a delay of over 2 seconds before the patches register, in other words, if you're going to switch perfs or patches with this, give it a good rest of silence. So, if you're looking for a flashy toy, this is it. But if you want real top notch sound, pass it by. Sorry Roland, hopefully rev 2 is around the corner before this bombs all the way

(Thanks to Tony Mummert for this info.)

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