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Thomas R Kolb writes:
The S-50 was one of the first affordable (?) 16-bit samplers. Of course 750 KB sample memory isn't a lot by todays standards, but the S-50 together with an extern CRT-screen and digitizer tablet - besides from looking real awesome - allowed a lot of cool things to be achieved. The S-50 is a breeze to use, and the sampling quality is nice and free from distortion, even if the bandwidth is somewhat crippled (due to the 30KHz sampling frequency).

Comments About the Sounds:
It's a 16-bit sampler, but the samples are internally processed as 12-bit data. Nice and clean, but somewhat muffled (15 KHz filtering).

(Thanks to Thomas R Kolb for this info.)

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disquete de timbres para o roland S-50 roland S-50
disquete de timbres para o roland S-50 roland S-50

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