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Rander writes:
Basically, if you've got an old S-10 or MKS-100 and can find one of these for cheap (which I did fairly easily over the web), it's worth the upgrade. I went looking for one because of all the time I had invested in my sounds for my S-10 over the years. So now I've got multitimbral, multi-output access to them in a rack. And the multitimbral stuff is decently flexible- it can be four sounds or two sounds and one multi-sampled sounds, or two multisampled sounds, whatever. There's also some added parameters, such as alternate loops within sounds which are switchable by velocity. Play hard, get one version of the sound, play softly and get another. It would have been nice if they had added more memory along with the outputs and channels, but oh well. So if you can't part with your S-10 or MKS-100 sounds but want a unit slightly less silly, get yourself an S-220. And let's communicate about which of the old sounds we have!

Comments About the Sounds:
Well, the original sounds are tough to get as they're on quikdisks. There's some good ones in there.

(Thanks to Rander for this info.)
and Christopher Baumbach for the pic

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