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  P-330 At a Glance
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Don (per writes:
The P-330 came out shortly after the MKS-20 as a smaller, cheaper, lighter alternative to that classic. While it sounds very, very close to the MKS, it doesn't quite have the same rich, full sound. They did improve some things such as MIDI implementation and Chorus and Tremolo adjustments, but the chorus and tremolo do not sound nearly as warm and useful as they do on the MKS. It was about half the original price of the MKS when it appeared, but now there is only a small (maybe US $100.) difference on the used market so if these Piano and vibes sounds are what you are after, look for the MKS20. If you can't get one, this is a very close second. It plays so much better than any of the current crop of samples because it was not samples, but Roland resynthesizing samples and the way they responded to your playing was very inspiring. These are classic sounds that have their own personality, so don't expect to hear accurate emulations of Rhodes, clavinet, etc. The vibes are pretty real, though. The P-330, and it's big brother, the MKS20, are for those who want a very expressive, playable electric piano sound. The acoustic piano and electric grand emulations sound very dated now, but they have that expressiveness also that makes them great for live playing.

Comments About the Sounds:
Good rating comes from the fact that some may think these pianos are brilliant and highly useful, some may think they are crap. It's relative to your music.

(Thanks to Don for this info.)
and Eric Blattert for the pic

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