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cane writes:
This is unit is the best sampler/sequencer released to the market. Very stable OS. MPC users scoffed, but unlike the MPC, this unit was complete upon release. While it doesn't deliver on its advertised reading of Akai files (though it is coming with the 2.0 update), within the Roland scheme of things (Roland S-7X0 sample and patch data and taking music from composition to completion) the unit's functions are spot-on perfect. Where updates ARE upgrades and improvements and not corrections like the MPC's. While I don't want this review to become a 'verses' monologue, I must stress that the negativity surronding this unit before its release demands some comparasion. Now the word is out people are trading in their old love of the MPC to the newer and better Roland MV-8000. And, it has almost replaced the MPC as the wishlist gear of the newer generation of aspiring producers. Here is a quick breakdown of the features. The sequencer will be familiar to anyone using previous Rolands and/or software getting up and running is very fast. Multiple screens to veiw your compositions for editing and review purposes are very welcome. From piano roll, to event list, to measure blocks have your needs covered. The 128 midi tracks leaves you plenty of room for compositions. The 8 stereo (16 mono) audio tracks are fantastic. They can be used as playback tracks for resampling, direct recording, and phrase looping. With dedicated reverb, chorus, and multi-effects processors, which can also be used on inputs for sampling and direct recording, offer a wide range of tweakable presets. Sampling on the MV, and the mapping of those samples chromatically to the pads or a keyboard controller if your wish, is super easy. Hook your sound source to the inputs, press sampling and press start sampling and there you are. After sampling is completed you are immediatly taken to the editing screen. Which you can ignore and use later, or tweak your sample as extensivily as you could hope for on a sampler. You can have up to 16 instruments per song. An instrument can be either a Keymapped patch, a combination of up to 96 samples, x 4 way velocity switching per pad. Each pad can comprise of up to 4 samples per pad as well. After songs are completing, a mixdown mode that offers futher editing possibilities to your song including motion sequences and automation for knobs and sliders, and additional effects can be used to bring your song into a nice stereo track mixdown. After that is completed, and full mastering toolkit is provided to add your finishing touches to your stereo mix and you go to burn your work to an audio CD. While the structure is different on any Roland to other brands...once you learn how the units handle the'll find that it makes perfect sense and it is too esay to use (and you'll wonder how you ever didn't get it if you have did trouble understanding it, which is doubtful). Now, the only thing I found that should have been included on the unit would be pre-amped XLR imputs and also XLR outputs as well. Only because it's rival MPC 4000 (which is nowhere near the greatness of this machine otherwise) has them. Other than that, it is almost perfect unit out of the box.

Comments About the Sounds:
Though it is a sampler, it can treat its patches (multi-samples) in editing like a Rom synth. It's 44.1 sampling playback is impeccable. Very true to original sound and in some cases it improves it.

(Thanks to cane for this info.)
and Sonic for the pic

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