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Bruce Christenson writes:
This is an inexpensive phrase sampler. There are four sampling 'grades' at which you can sample. Sampling can be done in Stereo or in Mono. Total time available for sampling is a function of the grade and stereo/mono mode. The basic system has the following functionality:

Sample grade --- Samp. Frequency --- Mono Sampling time HIGH 44.1 TO 32.07 19.8 Seconds STANDARD 30.04 TO 22.08 28.4 Seconds LONG 1 22.05 TO 16.04 39.6 Seconds LONG 2 15.2 TO 11.04 57.2 Seconds

Sample time can be expanded with PCMCIA Memory Cards. For example, with a 5 Meg Card, High grade Mono sampling provides 260.6 seconds.

Obviously, for anything but the most basic uses, you will need a memory card with this unit.

Other features include: system pitch control, front-end-point editing, truncation, sample division, start-loop-end point setting, gate/trigger/drum pad response settings for each sample, standard RCA stereo inputs/outputs, a 1/8" mic input (kind of noisy), footswitch control of several options, MIDI in and out (no thru), DC adapter or battery powered.

This is a good unit for making rap music, or for getting phrase samples from movies, tapes, TV, etc. (i.e. for industrial stuff). This unit would also be good for a DJ when doing a live show.

I only use Stereo - High grade mode, so things sound okay. Standard mode could be used for non-critical samples (i.e. stuff that's noisy already).

I like to trigger it from my Drum machine, sort of as an add-on sound source for drum sounds and other odd sounds or sound-bites.

Note: MS-1's with older bios will only work with older Memory Cards. MS-1's with newer bios will work with newer Memory Cards, I don't know if they work with older Cards. I got a card made by SANDISK (who used to be called SUNDISK) from a computer retailer in California. Try computer equipment retailers to find these memory cards, rather than music stores (unless they are really good, they won't know what you're talking about.)

I got my MS-1 kind of early, so I had an older bios. Roland sent me an new bios (a MIDI file you can play from a sequencer to the MS-1) and they might have a new version on their website (maybe).

This is a cool unit for home musicians, DJ's, and low-budget productions. Not a studio sampler, but pretty cool!

Comments About the Sounds:
It's a sampler.

(Thanks to Bruce Christenson for this info.)

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