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  MC-4 At a Glance
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Johan Billing writes:
I bought my MC-4B in a musicshop in Copenhagen, Denmark, some years ago, not really knowing what it was... It costed my some £90 so I thought "Why not..." After replacing the numeric keypad (it was broken) the system was up and running. Connected with my previous musicmachines (SH-09, TR808 etc) it quickly became an essential part of my studio! There is NOTHING this superb sequencer can't do! Use it for funtastic hihat- programming, type or record funky basslines with a seperate CV for the filter, or just make stunning arpeggios... On each of the four channels is 2 (different) CV outputs, 1 Gate and 1 MPX. You can sync it to anything using the Roland DIN sync, or use the tapesync for (unlimited) channels. Together with the MTR-100 you can easily store and recall your programs on a standard Chromecassette. The funny thing about the MTR-100 is that before you store anything on the tape you must "format" it, just like a floppydisc!

If you get hold of this magnificant masterpiece - buy it! And if you own one - don't sell it! I was offered some £500 but it's still the heart of my system...

Anyone with a Roland MC-4 - please get in touch with me! (Even if your name is not Vincent Clarke, because I've heard that this is also his favourite sequencer)

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(Thanks to Johan Billing for this info.)
and Robert Frost for the pic

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