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  MC-505 At a Glance
Click for larger view arrowReleased: 1998  Specifications
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Anonymous () writes:
The mc505 has nothing to see with the mc303.This is something else. Its sounds 98,its sound professional and it sound good.The great sounding has to do with two things:with the mc303 you have 1 sound for 1 channel,with the 505 you can have 4 different sounds for 1 channel. Second;A great choise of effect types make from every sound a great sound.You make pumping beats,flipping trancy sounds and hard basses... ..when you have found how everything works,and thats a little bit the toughest thing on the 505.GREAT MACHINE.

Comments About the Sounds:
These sounds are a lot better than the mc303 sounds.The 505 sounds are the sounds you here today in your favorite dance track.This isn't old crap,they sound good and professional.

and Robert Frost for the pic

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