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  JV-35 At a Glance
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Ted Lee ( writes:
A simple, GM/GS synthesizer keyboard, the JV-35 shares the exact same synth engine as the JV-50 - the only difference between the two is the Standard MIDI File playback capability on the JV-50 through its built-in 3-1/2" disk drive.

The interface is clear and very intuitive. The controls are clearly labeled, most features are accessible at just the touch of a button, and the parameters can be set through sliders.

However, there's not much that can be set when it comes to changing the sounds - you're pretty much stuck with what they programmed into the keyboard.

Comments About the Sounds:
The JV-35 shares a lot of the same sounds as the SC-55 Sound Canvas. The sounds are thin and weak compared to the higher numbered JV synths (JV-80/880, 90, etc.)

(Thanks to Ted Lee for this info.)
and Robert Frost for the pic

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