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  JV-2080 At a Glance
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John Italia ( writes:
Oh yeah! This is Roland's finest module to date featuring all the presets of the JV-1080 & XP-50/80 as well as an extra bank of newly programmed sounds. What sets the 2080 apart from the 1080 is it's five effects processors (1 dedicated reverb, 1 dedicated chorus, and three EFX multieffects processors). The 3 EFX processors are wonderful and allow for a much more flexible and generous use of effect-heavy patches.

The JV-2080 also features a new larger display and and highly improved user interface similar to the XP-80 with a series of function keys that serve different purposes depending upon which screen you are looking at. The JV-2080 accepts up to 8 SR-JV80 expansion boards at the same time (2,900 patches). The new phrase preview function allows you to hear each patch in an actual musical sequence with the press of the volume knob.

A new librarian feature allows you to find similar patches easily. One note: I have found that as the last sound decays, the 20 80 has a bit of distortion. This was evident on all 2080 I tested, but I could not find it on the 1080. This problem is a fuzzy-ness which fluctuates between the left and right channels just as the sound decays into silence. I was a bit disappointed with this, but it is not really noticeable at all when sequencing. I would recommend the Roland JV-2080 to anyone.

Comments About the Sounds:
Same as JV-1080, XP-50 & XP-80 with the addition of a new bank (bank E) of presets

(Thanks to John Italia for this info.)

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