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  JV-1010 At a Glance
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Chad Gould writes:
First off, let's get this straight: This is not a professional-grade synthesizer nor does it aspire to be one. Compared to monsters like the Korg Trinity/Triton and the Kurzweils this can't muster a lot. So that's why I gave it the average sound reviews above... because the sound isn't exactly up to par compared to a pro-grade model.

BUT... this synthesizer is VERY good at what it advertises itself as: an affordable expander model. For the semi-pro or casual musician, or even just for someone who needs a simple, standard palette of sounds to play around on, this model is excellent at widening the sounds you may already have. If you already have a MIDI keyboard, operation is simple. Just plug some patch chords in, plug a MIDI cable, set the channel, and you are set. Very easy to use.

There is a nice variety of sounds here. None terribly stand out as excelling in PCM synthesis, but none are too bad, either (basically the JV series sounds with a slightly reduced quality in them), and the cost for each sound is extremely attractive.

I don't think "serious synthesizerists" who can afford the Trinities will even look at this one (nor should they), but for me, it's perfect. For sound experimentation I normally concentrate on my Waldorf, Access, and Kawai gear. Even so, in tunes occasionally you'll need that piano or string to screw around or fill in a song. This module is pretty good at doing just that for not much dough. I think Roland has put together a very attractive package here.

Comments About the Sounds:
Very similar to the Roland JV2080 in nature, with reduced quality. (Insome ways this is good. I've always found the later JVs too brightsounding. This synth does not have punch, but it also does not have thebrightness, either.)

(Thanks to Chad Gould for this info.)
and Robert Frost for the pic

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