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  Juno 6 Synthesizer At a Glance
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Gil Sicuro ( writes:
Well, I have a Juno-6 in excellent working condition, like brand new. I Know a lot of synths, and considering its price range, it's very hard to beat. I have two Juno-106's and a JX-8P, and they don't have the punchy attack of the Juno-6. The only Juno I dont't know is the 60, which I heard it's an excellent machine. The Juno-6 is mainly analog, on the contrary of the other Junos, which have memory. In fact, 6's sliders are connected directly to the synth circuitry, which is its major difference from the others. The sliders on the other Junos are coonected to the circuitry via CPU - they provide a digital reading which the CPU converts to analog voltage. This can generate a little delay, considering the speed of those old CPU's. The ADSR on the Juno-6 is an analog custom chip, and it's very fast and precise. Other difference from the 106 is that the DCO pulse width can be modulated via ADSR, and the Juno-6 has three types of chorus (1, 2, 1+2=tremolo). I have the complete service manuals of the Juno-6, Juno-106 and JX-8P. IF YOU KNOW A MIDI UPGRADE TO THE JUNO-6, PLEASE LET ME KNOW. In other opportunity, I'll send you a picture of my Juno-6 (first, I have to find a scanner... )

Roland model JU-6 specs accordig to Service Notes, May 20,1982 first edition

Keyboard: 61 Keys (5 octaves) C2-C7 VCF: Cutoff frequency (4Hz-40KHz) ENV modulation (10 octaves max.) LFO modulation (6 octaves max.) Keyboard follow (0-100%) ENV: Attack time (1ms-12s) Decay time (2ms-12s) Sustain level (0-100%) Release time (2ms-12s) LFO: Rate (0.3Hz-20Hz) Delay (0-2.5s) Arpeggio: Rate (1.5Hz-50hz) Bender control range: DCO (+/- 7 keys max.) VCF (+/- 4 octaves max.) Output level: L(-30dBm)/M(-15dBm)/H(0dBm) Output: (mono, stereo, headphones) Tune: (+/- 50 cents) Dimension:1060(W) x 113(H) x 378(D) mm Weight: 11 Kg Power: 25W

Comments About the Sounds:
Excellent analog sounds. I have one Juno-6 and I'l tell you. It's much better sounding than the 106 (I have two) and far much better than the Alpha-Junos (those toys...). It's punchy and fat. The chorus is noisy.

(Thanks to Gil Sicuro for this info.)

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