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  Jupiter 6 At a Glance
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Alistair Maxwell ( writes:
The JP-6 has to be one of the best analogs ever made . Just fractionaly less powerful than the JP-8 it has midi and a killer overdrivin acid synth sound that to me puts it ahead of the jp-8 . Brilliant roland filters and more synth options than you could ever need . Plus its black with purple buttons , so you know its cool . Get one and upgrade the midi for a synth that simply blows away almost every 90's digital synth you have ever heard . A supreme classic .

Sonic Says :
I worked with a band for a while that had one of these. They are very good for whacky filtered pads and lovely 'funk' leed sounds (like Roy Ayers) -as there's some nice LFO, filter and mod controllers. There's a lot of parameters to tweak here (2x ADSR) and you can pick 'em up for a reasonable price (compared to the JP8). Not so good for really phat bass stuff but it'll do at a pinch. Had a funny habit of reseting itself live - but that could be a one off.You can get them midified too...

Gil Sicuro :
This is a darn good very warm analog synthesizer! It's basically a 6-voice version of the Jupiter-8 (altough the JP-8 has some more features). You can use triangle, saw and variable pulse waves at the same time in each of its VCO's; it has oscillator sync in both directions (1->2, 2->1) and frequency cross modulation.

One LFO is provided for pulse-width mod, vibrato, VCF, VCA, and other exclusively for vibrato (mod lever). It has a multi-mode VCF with LPF, HPF or BPF options, and resonance up to self-oscillation; two ADSR envelope generators with key follow adjust. The keyboard is splittable, and it can be memorized in a "Patch Preset" memory (today Roland calls it a Performance) along with key mode (poly 1/2, unison poly/solo, solo) or arpeggiator settings, and portamento or glissando (yes, glissando) settings.

The bender has separate on/off switch for each VCO, and the modulation is achieved with a big white button near the bender. BTW: altough in every picture I already saw in the Net, the JP-6 has a metellic dark grey tone. I love its rugged jeep-like construction.

Comments About the Sounds:
The jupiter 6 is simply brilliant at weird heavily modulated ,though sometimes uncontrolable, noises and beep streams . Unbelievable synth leads with its 2 osc's and a VCA that you can over drive . Great pulse width pads.

(Thanks to Alistair Maxwell for this info.)

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