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  JD-990 Synthesizer Module At a Glance
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Luca Forattini writes:
This is, personally, one of the best digital " analog" synth modules I've ever used. The bad part is only 24 voices.. but the power of this module is in the SINGLE part manipulation with it's practically analog type filters! Use only ONE primitive per patch in patch mode and you will get the most warm FAT analog sounds you've ever heard! And hey I own a Juno 106 so I know what FAT really is! Yes, it's true in performance you only have 1 supersynth part that is the first part but I'll live with that. It is far beyond the JV 1080 as warmth of sound and has a much better grafical interface (not just text!) not to talk of it's fabulous internal effects (delay reverb phase shifting etc). For you (and me) analog lovers it is a MUST!

Comments About the Sounds:
You can write just about any sound you can think of from huge pads to fat analog bass to crying leads. I use this piece for cover music and will allow me to duplicate anything with complete accuracy or at least up to 95%. I also use it to write original dance sounds. What truly sucks about the sounds is the # of voices(24) which can get eaten up pretty quickly. Roland shortchanged us on this one aspect of polyphony!

(Thanks to Luca Forattini for this info.)

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