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Jeff Saunders ( writes:
This is a digital piano with 88 weighted keys, a handful of sampled sounds, and built in speakers.

The feel on the keyboard is great, and the main acoustic piano sound is quite realistic. I mainly use the piano sound, but there is also a decent electric piano and a vibes (other two sounds are piano2 and harpsichord). Chorus and reverb are available by single button pushes.

Its very simple to use. There is no display, and the controls are simple and labeled. Other than the sound selection, there are buttons for transposing and changing midi mode, a slider for volume, and a dial in the back for master tuning. Built in speakers are decent for home use (nice touch: sound is localized according to pitch like a real piano, i.e. high notes on right). On the back there are two output lines (stereo) and two input lines. The input is useful for hearing the output of MIDI modules if the keyboard is used as a controller.

It seems to be reliable (it survived a 2000 mile drive from Texas to NY). The only minor problem I've had is that two of the buttons have become a bit flakey.

MIDI capabilities are minimal. You can change MIDI channels and use one of three modes (which determine what MIDI messages are sent). There is also basic sequencer capabilities.

This keyboard is great if you want something for home use that feels and sounds like a real piano. I had previously played almost exclusively on actual pianos, and hate the light feel of synths, but I find this very nice. Its very heavy (40kg), so its not ideal for gigs (though I have taken mine out).

Comments About the Sounds:
Few sounds, but a good acoustic piano.

(Thanks to Jeff Saunders for this info.)

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