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Sonic Monkey () writes:
Features:This Keyboard provides a 510 high quality instrument sounds and 20 drum kits, which come from Roland professional sound library. Great piano sound is a key feature of this keyboard. The model comes with amazingly realistic stereo piano sounds that respond to the most subtle nuance and delicate touch.It also features 164 fresh music styles created by top international musicians for a truly live feel. An innovative Cover function allows the player to choose from five presets for instant, real-time Style re-orchestration. Imagine creating new arrangements with one touch of a button!With the built-in USB port, you can quickly exchange Song and Style data between the EXR-s's internal Flash Memory and your PA. It's easy. Just connect, drag, and drop! The USB connection also gives you the possibility to interface with various computer software programs.The EXR keyboard is well stocked with Flash memory, which can hold up to 4MB worth of your own songs and styles (2.5MB if filled preloaded with bonus styles and songs). Add new Songs and Styles to keep your EXR up to date with your musical tastes.

(Thanks to Sonic Monkey for this info.)

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