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  CM-32L At a Glance
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David Martínez ( writes:
As I've told, this unit is actually a disguised MT-32, so you can see the review for that model. Is a very flexible unit (up to 4 partials and many parameters to try), although you need an editor in your computer. Or you can simply get tha high amount of sounds made for the MT-32. The overall sound is good (you even wonder about if that machine was actually based on 80's technology), and the reverb is superb. The sound output quality is high, and the noise level very low. It seems that the CM-32L was though only as an "external sound card" (no controls, only the volume knob), to listen to the music of games or to use it for a desktop midi studio based on the presets. But this is misleading; the unit is very powerful and flexible, and if you get an editor and attach an external keyboard it can be a very good complement for your studio. Very good value for money if you can find one for $100 or less. Roland also have a sysex file on the net to convert the unit to GM (something close to), so you can also use it as a cheap GM tone generator to listen to the millions of midi files on the net.

Comments About the Sounds:
It seems that this unit is internally very close to the Roland MT-32, so the same comments about the sounds should go... Considering it's a 80's machine, it sounds quite good, specially drums, which are excellent (but only 30 sounds, though). Some patches are very good, and others pure cheese. It's a pity that this unit is not capable of producing any acceptable acoustic piano, but in contrast it can deliver good digitalish sounds, acoustic guitars, pads and some acoustic sounds. If you want to know what this unit is capable of, I recommend listening to the soundtrack of the game 'Leisure Suit Larry 3' from Sierra (in MT-32 mode). Very good bossanovas, jazzy and funky tracks! It sounds very acceptably for a 80's wavetable machine, and considering that I got mine for only $60, it's very worth value. The reverb is also VERY good, even better than that of many modern synths. I recommend getting one (or some other MT-32 clone gear) if you see it for $100 or less.

(Thanks to David Martínez for this info.)

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