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  eleVAta At a Glance
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Anonymous writes:
This is a real analogue emulator. Does not sound at all like a Nova, Virus, or JP8000, but those are virtual analogues that are voiced to sound similar to rompler workstations ('cause that's what people are used to). This sounds like analogue- raw. It has no effects save a crappy global chorus/flanger (just like the real thing). The presets suck (just like the real thing). The interface RULES (just like the real thing). The tiltable front panel is awesome, the knobs are waldorf-style continious controllers, the multi mode is as easy to get to as the single patch mode, the LED interface is visible across the room, etc. If you have any analogue experience you'll be flying in no time and programming your own patches. There are too many nice little things in the OS and engine to mention. This thing is for people who still know what real analogue was/is like, and want that, with modern midi control (all knobs send/receive) and the conveniences of 8-part multi for patch layering and live control, multiple assignable outs, and so on. It's not indistinguishable from what it emulates but it's close enough that no one but a true synth geek will know (and they don't dance, so screw 'em). This shouldn't be your only synth (it's not the thing for any post-1983 sound, it doesn't even do oscillator cross-mod, how's that for retro?) but it's gonna be my secret weapon for sure.

Comments About the Sounds:
Very 70's analogue monosynth (Yamaha CS series, Pro One, Korg Mono/Poly) sounding with a sizzling 12db/Oct filter and lots of low end.

and Fixinpcs303 for the pic

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