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  MIDI Composer At a Glance
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Raven Wind ( writes:
This is a great way to do some decent keyboarding with a PC soundcard (such as an AWE32/64 or Yamaha DB50XG). This nifty little controller has built-in PC connections, yet it also works with any standard MIDI device! A cool feature is that when using it on a PC soundcard, it requires no power! It uses the PC's power to do the job. The thing that attracted me to this unit was that it was the only keyboard controller in it's price range that had a pitch bend and mod wheel, as well as touch sensitivity (velocity) and full-size keys. Most of the controllers designed for the computer musician are cheap mini key units with no frills. This keyboard also comes with a foot pedal, and is usually packaged with Cakewalk Home Studio, plus a bunch of other shareware/demo programs. The left side is angled inward slightly, as if the thing were designed as a portable stage controller, but it doesn't have strapholders. The only thing I don't like about this controller is the color- It's white. Still, I would not have expected that the same company that makes joysticks and controllers for video games would make such a good MIDI product. The number one feature is, of course, the price. At $150 or under, this is a steal. The problem is that they are very hard to find! Quickshot has yet to put any info on their web page.

Comments About the Sounds:
It has none. It's a straightforward controller.

(Thanks to Raven Wind for this info.)
and Raven Wind for the pic

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