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  The Raven At a Glance
Click for larger view arrowReleased: 1996  Specifications
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Alex Skibin ( writes:
Really cool for techno players. Dancefloors will be trembling for sure. Weak sound adjusting. Could be more tracks and polyphony. Actually for techno music I use E-Synth. I've bought The Raven just for fun, but you'll save on money.

Comments About the Sounds:
JUST try it !!!!!!! If you're really a techno musiciant , once you try - You will never SLEEP !!!!!!!!!!!!!! ONLY SWEEP AT YOUR RAVEN !!!!!!!!!!!! REALLY COOL STUFF. Cool Drums, cool mostly usable TECHNO Hi-HAT (like Boom_TCH Boom_TCH Boom_TCH,) Basses (very close to MOOG's).

(Thanks to Alex Skibin for this info.)
and Htc. Lippe for the pic

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