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  309 Raveolution At a Glance
Click for larger view arrowReleased: 1996  Specifications
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Oliver Keller writes:
The 309 is basically 5 mono synths. Each of them specializes in BD, SD, HH, Perc and Basslead. Takes some time to get familiar with, but then it is a very creative tool when producing dance music. Of course the originals wound better, but not for the price, not for the ease of use, not for the MIDI implementation. Several functions give great live performance, like mute buttons for each instrument. It has lots of easy accesible potis, these send their data as MIDI CC. email me at :

Rob :

The unit redefines how many will be making music in the future.. That is the main key of this unit "future:. This is how all synths sequencers should be. The ability to stab a fill button at will, twiddle a knob for any sound, AND be able to filter a 808 tom and conga riff to the point that it sounds like a babbling moog during a performance is the future.. Every parameter you wished was on your X0X box is here.

The ONLY drawback about the sequencer is you cannot put a glide from the end of the last note in a loop to the first. Most ppl who have TB303's will be angry when they see this unit.. THIS is NOT a mc303. This is not an emulative toy. This is the well thought out plans of a company who decided to put ideas before profit and took the time to do what the public wanted.. If you already have a X0X setup, with the addition of this unit you will be lethal on the dance floor.

Comments About the Sounds:
Gives you nearly a 606, 808, 909 and 303 for small money

(Thanks to Oliver Keller for this info.)

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