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Noah Katz writes:
Other than the fact that you cannot tweak two knobs at once(you use a mouse, however you can always over dub knob tweaks, etc. but some people aren't that patient), it has a lot of versatility.... I never liked version 1.0 cuz i felt it was lacking something. It's obvious to me now that it was the 909. Alot of people have different opinions about Rebirth in general, the sounds aren't 100% the same, but damn close. Anyone who wants to be creative should get this. It's FUN! pure & simple. If you know your Measures and counting well enough you don't even need a sequencer.. .you could just use the loop feature. I know of several producers who have used the 2.0 808 and 909 drum tracks for their Rhythm Section and i don't blame them at all. It's got MIDI sync and you can save to WAV file. there isn't much that it doesn't have. Tons of preset patterns and Demo's so that the beginner producer can learn buy watchin/listening.

All Around one quality peace of software. Get it. Sync it to a sampler and have fun. That's what I do.

Comments About the Sounds:
Version 2.0 has added a 909 to the 2 303's and the 1 808 with the 909 you have the added flam and those dope claps. All the sounds can be ran thru the Distortion Box (which has added a "shape' knob for v2.0)or the Delay. You can only run one instrument thru the PCF(freq, Q, Amt, Decay) at one time. I usually run the 909 thru it with flams all over the place. And you can either run the 808, 909, one of the 303's or the MASTER output thru the compressor. Shuffle features on all instruments - Pans on all instruments as well as on the Delay. a HUGE improvement to version 1.0 he 909, obviously is what takes the cake here.

(Thanks to Noah Katz for this info.)
and thomas for the pic

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