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Don Garbutt writes:
Freaky, obsure, expensive, unique, weighs a lot, robust construction (lots of VLSI chips inside). This machine is impossible to find, although I have one. Lucky me!!! Graphical interface is totally intuitive, and tell me if you know of any other machines that are resynthesis- based, as this is , if you care to use it in this fashion. Digital filter emulation (oscillator # filter) is unequaled.

Comments About the Sounds:
This machine can compose its own music, when mistreated properly. This Sample and Hold type environment produces beatiful clouds of constantly evolving sound shapes, and has no comparison with anything that I have found. Resynthesis mode creates very bizzare versions of acoustic sounds, with access to any particular harmonic, with real time performance interpolation over harmonic blend, tuning, filters, and many other aspects of its mutant generation.

(Thanks to Don Garbutt for this info.)

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