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moron writes:
The Peavey SP is the playback portion of the SP/SX combo. It can't sample itself but can read them in via SDS so if you have a computer and a soundcard, it's a cheap way to go. There is freeware SDS software for the PC so if you see one of these puppies for cheap, grab it. I've got 8 megs in mine and I feel spoiled. Way better way to go than a S950. Takes 30 pin SIMMS and has 8 slots so you should be able to fill it up. I picked my SP up for a very low price 2nd hand. With that in mind, this is a wicked little unit. It doesn't have many editing features and limited looping capability (i.e. no crossfade or reverse) but it has lots of room (up to 32 megs), sounds great and has some wicked control capability. It can hold a max of 200 samples, has some very cool LFO waveforms besides the standard ones, can react to any MIDI controller and does smart things like saving large samples on multiple disks. Another plus is teh Peavey customer support. They were responsive to my email and even sent me a manual for free! If you are one of those rich types that can afford Sound Forge, you can send samples to it via SCSI as well.

Comments About the Sounds:

(Thanks to moron for this info.)
and Dennis Smith for the pic

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