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  Spectrum analog Filter At a Glance
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Andrew Schrock ( writes:
Just wanted to post this to clarify the previous poster, who said that "this is a moog minus the tone generator". This is somewhat misleading. It's a great box, handy for all sorts of FX, but IMO it doesn't do a good job of sounding _like_ any particular vintage synth, moog or not.

Oh yeah, it's not 16 part multi-timbral, either. You can control it via the same midi channel as the synth you're running through it, thus gaining some versatility, but other than that its midi specs are pretty shoddy. Problems with the unit: Be careful for zippering when you're twiddling knobs live. Some (like cutoff freq.) give really bad zippering noise when you turn them too quickly. The trigger is only triggerable on *1* channel, thus making more elaborate triggering impossible. Uses a wall wart.

It's still a great module, but it's not going to solve all your problems, either. As for other options, look at the waldorf 4-pole and take into account that units price (new, even) when shelling out for a used peavey filter. IMO you shouldn't be paying more than $200USD absolute max... this unit lacks an LFO as well as some other common features, but overall a good bang for the buch if you can find it cheaply. People seem to be getting rid of theirs now since the demand is getting high; I've seen them sold for $300USD.

Comments About the Sounds:
Great for drums, warming up digital synths.

(Thanks to Andrew Schrock for this info.)
and Analog Warriors for the pic

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